The Friday Gang goes to Ilocos

As one of the historic sites in Ilocos, the Paoay Church has withstood countless earthquakes thanks to its prominent buttresses, massively supporting the entire structure on both sides of the church. The baroque architecture is notably beautiful, and despite my lack of particulars in aesthetic recognition, I found the stained glass detail in the inner part of the entrance quite exquisite, and the fact that you can only see it from the inside (plus,I found a hidden mickey!) I won’t post the picture here so you’d see it for yourself. Also, you can make a wish if it’s your first time to visit.

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Pastel love – 10/8/14

Had a spontaneous photoshoot with my ladies, Mikie and Jam, after the recognition rites. Incidentally, Anthony happened to pass by, so we asked him to be our photographer. Settings and editing were done by me, but the photos were taken by Anthony. Hooray for pastel colors and good lighting!  See: 25 more photos

Day 32

Hooray for skirt day!

Meet Jam and Cindy, my OOTD buddies for the day. Also, I ask pardon for our awkward poses; we haven’t the faintest idea how to pose for a decent photo. Except maybe Jam, the pretty one on the left, who happens to have modelling experience. Just so you know, she modelled for Camille Co last year. And if you happen to be interested, she’ll be starting her own fashion blog sometime soon. It’ll be hella awesome, so better look out for it okay?

P.S. Each were taken with a different phone (and edited using VSCO): iPhone 5, Samsung S4, and Sone Xperia Z, respectively.

/ thanks Hance for these photos! /