Graduation 2014 at PICC – 10/11/14


A Portrait of Alvea as a Graduate

Sitting on the green cushioned seat some distance away from the stage, I ponder on the curious numbness of my disposition. Three years and two terms of college have finally come into fruition on this fateful day. Back then, I would imagine how glorious this day would be, and yet…

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I am in a state
of pure happiness
and gratitude.

This weekend has been going really great for me so far, starting with the awesome fitness-themed #creativefridays we had at the office. There were games and a Just Dance session, which I quite frankly enjoyed, despite the level of shame I had to part with.

I have to say, I’m loving my stay as an intern in the company so far, and it just so happened that it brought me to a whole new level of life. Continue reading

Day 17

I know, I know. It’s not technically a “photo” (by the yardstick of the #100happydays challenge)

but I spent the whole afternoon doing this for my Philope class and seeing this baby come into fruition made me the happiest, ever.

like, gaaaaah I finally made an infographic! (even though it isn’t really informative, let alone useful to anyone [except maybe for stalking me] because of its highly specialized purpose)

I swear if I don’t get a 4.0, I will storm the Philosophy department with a rage so drastic, a single glare will send them all running to Plato’s Republic.

but for now, I shall revel at my own creation, weeee! *hearts*

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