This week in words: irrelevant points

I have been gorging on “natural” cough syrups, over the counter decongestants, and mucolytic capsules (free from the office) these past 4 days and yet my inflamed throat seems to rage all the more in protest against my curative attempts to escape from this revolting and embarrassing condition.

In point of fact: I feel like dying.

Well no, not really. But I have been a victim of this exasperating illness for more than half a week now and there’s only so much I can do to make myself feel better. I fucking hate this fucking cold with the sore and itchy throat that fucking comes from post-nasal drip. In other news, I love how you can insert fucking in between nearly every other fucking word. Goodness. This discomfort is rotting away my sanity and sense of lingual propriety.

But fuck it.

Well, it’s been a while since I posted some life updates, so here’s one (five, actually) just in case I’d like to remember how much I wanted to rip my throat bloody on the 4th day of October in 2014.

"You read Lolita sprawling limply in your chair, ravished, overcome, nodding scandalized assent!" - Martin Amis, Observer
“You read Lolita sprawling limply in your chair, ravished, overcome, nodding scandalized assent!”

1) I’m nearly done with Lolita, which took quite longer than I had expected. It’s a beautiful—if debatably inappropriate and scandalous—novel about an aged Humbert Humbert and his incestuous relationship with his prepubescent stepdaughter, Dolores Haze. By the time I’m halfway into the storyline, I had to pause and examine my own parameters of morality because I had fallen in sympathy with the horrid Humbert Humbert. This, I put all blame on the author’s remarkable use of language to twist and transfigure a supposedly indecent and repulsive inclination to a conceivable and almost acceptable state of affairs. I would have to stop myself at this point because I’m om the verge of writing a full review, which categorically deserves a separate post (most likely on goodreads). Read: 329 more words

I am in a state
of pure happiness
and gratitude.

This weekend has been going really great for me so far, starting with the awesome fitness-themed #creativefridays we had at the office. There were games and a Just Dance session, which I quite frankly enjoyed, despite the level of shame I had to part with.

I have to say, I’m loving my stay as an intern in the company so far, and it just so happened that it brought me to a whole new level of life. Continue reading

I’m in the seventh heaven; I finished my 2600-word essay in INTEORG! T~T I would never have done it without this little device I found hiding on the top left pocket of the “thingamajig” next to my bulletin board. Well, it’s been almost a week since our internet connection has gone all haywire (cos &#$% you Smart Bro, that’s why -__-) and I had no idea how to start my essay without sources. So, thank you universe for providing me with this wonderfully magical device! *tears* I will always look back to that very day I almost threw this out. Well, I’m freaking glad I didn’t!