Graduation 2014 at PICC – 10/11/14


A Portrait of Alvea as a Graduate

Sitting on the green cushioned seat some distance away from the stage, I ponder on the curious numbness of my disposition. Three years and two terms of college have finally come into fruition on this fateful day. Back then, I would imagine how glorious this day would be, and yet…

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Beyond Legal: My 19th Birthday

Cheers to my last teen year!

While Taylor Swift was too busy flaunting her moves to the songs she performed at the MoA Arena last June 6, here I was with my own shimmering spotlight—the star of my favorite people’s birthday surprise. 

I was all too unsuspecting, no giveaway of any sort was felt all throughout the planning, so kudos to everyone for that. I’m usually keen on smelling a surprise before it happens. But this time, I was positively unaware that something was going on. Imagine my confusion when I saw Mikee waiting for me near the main entrance of the Mall of Asia, holding a rolled-up brown paper in a fancy cylindrical container. Then and there, I knew where it came from. Who else would use that Papemelroti recycled brown paper and make it look so pretty, it could’ve been a debut invitation? Anyone, I guess. But for a surprise, it’s definitely Christiane. Honest to goodness, I have no idea where that guy milks his creative juices from. (WARNING: Long post ahead)


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Christiane’s surprise 18th

Like 93% of what I post, this one is too damn overdue. For something that happened last year, it’s high time I share about what happened during the surprise I cooked up for Christiane’s birthday. This literally stressed me for weeks and left a big, gaping hole in my pocket because I wanted it to be perfect, like how I want everything to be (I’m pointing at you, my exasperating inner perfectionist).

I’m just glad it turned out well, except for the fact that most of the photos were damaged beyond repair: too much noise from ISO, ridiculously varied white balance and whatnot. See the camera was passed on from hand to hand and I can only guess what happened to the settings in between, well whatever. The important thing is, I was able to preserve the memory through these. Enjoy!

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The Last Dance

Here’s to a super late birthday post.

Even if I exhaust all efforts to put together the most beautiful words, like notes in a mellifluous harmony of melodies, I cannot and will never be able to convey to the fullest, the wonder of what had happened that night. It was incredible, enchanting, and overflowing with love.


The evening began with a dinner at Max’s, with my family and Christiane.
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