Day 45

me and my men

forever tambay at the IC with [upper right—lower left] Anthony, Agatha, sir Kent, and DC

Also thesis, dentist, and katsudon dinner by the master chef, Christiane.


Day 44

Chicken Stroganoff dinner by my Brazilian friends, Jessica & Thiago

scrumptiously enjoyed with exchange students: Yusei from Japan, Paulus & Petri from Finland. Thanks, you guys!

Day 38

for only 200 pesos!! (est $4.42)

We waited several minutes to get seated, which obviously says a lot about the plethora of people who were hungry for carbs, but then it was absolutely worth every single peso.

I’m not sure if this is complete (probably not), but here’s what I remember from the choices:


Alfredo | Pesto | Vietnamese | Pomodoro


Three cheese | Pepperoni | Hawaiian | White

oh. and yes, you get to try everything. 

Day 37


The Badass Angels got to interview the Dr. Rogel Mari D. Sese, one of the only three astrophysicists in the entire Philippines,thanks to Dr. Benjamin San Jose, the awesome thesis mentor to our equally awesome thesis group.

I know, I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo.

[except for le cab selfie we took while BSJ rode shotgun]

Forever will this day haunt me for failing to preserve the glorious memory.


Day 36

We are such vain & awesomely fabulous people. 

and we make the most out of every location (by having spontaneous photoshoots wherever) amidst the pressure of thesis and the heat. Such an eventful day—trip to Taguig for an interview with DOST officials, gourmet merienda at the Lugang Cafe [plus Lays & drinks in the car: a big, special thank you to Jac’s wonderfully generous mother], and a mini-despedida for Franz, which will be in a separate post.

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Day 34

My Korean friend, Mi Jin (Jane) and several of her housemates held a garage sale in preparation for her flight back to her home country. And since it is known for a fact that Korean clothes and trinkets are some of the cutest ever, I went there with Jam & Giz after the Philope talk (which I almost didn’t attend, lazy me).

We got lost at first, because apparently, that taxi driver didn’t really know the way (or maybe there was just a miscommunication, but whatever) and dropped us off at a different park. Despite the horrible case of dysmenorrhea I was having, I was still able to pull out my nifty pal and take a few photos here and there. But then I did forget to take photos of us, so that snapshot of our feet would have to do for now.

Eventually, we reached Mi Jin’s place, looked around, and took our pick of the lot. Jam got herself a cardigan and a shirt, while Gizelle bought a yellow blouse adorned with geometric shapes and a vest. At first, I was decided on buying a 3-piece swimsuit, floral dress, formal blouse, and a see-through cardigan. But my eyes came across a Cluedo gameboard in mint condition, barely used and priced at less than half the original. Very tempting.

I vacillated between sacrificing a few items of clothing or letting the Cluedo go—and trust me it wasn’t an easy choice—but in the end, I went home with a beaming face and a big, rectangular box (plus the swimsuit and the dress, thank goodness).

Also, here’s a candid portrait of Gizelle while we were waiting for Jam to get back with news on where we’re supposed to go.

’til next time!