Quotidian Stills: Rush hour city up top

Slept over with Marie, Pat, Jean, Nela, and Brylleh at the spick and span condo unit of Nela’s Uncle at Knightsbridge Residences in Makati. The facilities were amazing, particularly the pool and recreational areas, where you get to chill at the movie lounge, have a video game session with your friends (inclusive of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, mind you), or even have round of pool at the billiards room. Plenty of other places to hang out in, but all in due time. Thanks ladies, see you again soon! xoxo

Pastel love – 10/8/14

Had a spontaneous photoshoot with my ladies, Mikie and Jam, after the recognition rites. Incidentally, Anthony happened to pass by, so we asked him to be our photographer. Settings and editing were done by me, but the photos were taken by Anthony. Hooray for pastel colors and good lighting!  See: 25 more photos

The Gang meets Once Upon A Time

Aside from the fact that the show’s gripping narrative got me voraciously Hooked (who wouldn’t be?), the striking verisimilitude of the characters never ceases to amaze me. Obviously, I don’t refer to their fairytale persona, but how the series manages to reflect the complexity of an actual human being. Think of it as a fairytale for adults, where postmodern issues are incorporated into its theme of debunking, or rather, reevaluating the highly schematic notions of the stories in our past. Gone are the days of plain old good vs evil. Because in real life, characters are never black and white. They have all those 50 shades of grey areas in between and more.

Thus inspired by this daily prompt, here’s how Once Upon A Time would look like if the cast were people in my unfairytale-y life (i.e. my college buddies, the Espionage Gang). But here’s the twist: I’m turning it the other way around. Meaning, instead of making the characters seem more real – the series is already doing that – I’m casting these people in roles I’d like to see them play. They don’t necessarily have to fit the characters’ personas, but I would very much enjoy watching them try.

See the cast here

I am in a state
of pure happiness
and gratitude.

This weekend has been going really great for me so far, starting with the awesome fitness-themed #creativefridays we had at the office. There were games and a Just Dance session, which I quite frankly enjoyed, despite the level of shame I had to part with.

I have to say, I’m loving my stay as an intern in the company so far, and it just so happened that it brought me to a whole new level of life. Continue reading

Beyond Legal: My 19th Birthday

Cheers to my last teen year!

While Taylor Swift was too busy flaunting her moves to the songs she performed at the MoA Arena last June 6, here I was with my own shimmering spotlight—the star of my favorite people’s birthday surprise. 

I was all too unsuspecting, no giveaway of any sort was felt all throughout the planning, so kudos to everyone for that. I’m usually keen on smelling a surprise before it happens. But this time, I was positively unaware that something was going on. Imagine my confusion when I saw Mikee waiting for me near the main entrance of the Mall of Asia, holding a rolled-up brown paper in a fancy cylindrical container. Then and there, I knew where it came from. Who else would use that Papemelroti recycled brown paper and make it look so pretty, it could’ve been a debut invitation? Anyone, I guess. But for a surprise, it’s definitely Christiane. Honest to goodness, I have no idea where that guy milks his creative juices from. (WARNING: Long post ahead)


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Day 45

me and my men

forever tambay at the IC with [upper right—lower left] Anthony, Agatha, sir Kent, and DC

Also thesis, dentist, and katsudon dinner by the master chef, Christiane.

Day 44

Chicken Stroganoff dinner by my Brazilian friends, Jessica & Thiago

scrumptiously enjoyed with exchange students: Yusei from Japan, Paulus & Petri from Finland. Thanks, you guys!