[un]Quotidian Stills: A milestone

Graduated as Cum Laude with a gold medal for Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis
on 11 October 2014.


The Last Dance

Here’s to a super late birthday post.

Even if I exhaust all efforts to put together the most beautiful words, like notes in a mellifluous harmony of melodies, I cannot and will never be able to convey to the fullest, the wonder of what had happened that night. It was incredible, enchanting, and overflowing with love.


The evening began with a dinner at Max’s, with my family and Christiane.
It was the branch near Manila Bay, close to the school where I grew, and fell in love.  Continue reading

One afternoon, I got really bored so I curled my sister’s hair. Being the playful child that she is though, it wasn’t long before it got all tangled up and messy. But I took a photo anyway. Well, I think she looks pretty nonetheless, don’t you think? 🙂