Day 21

De La Salle Alumni Homecoming ‘14

ushering and campus tour by the LAmbs, awesome wheels on display, and a chance to try archery—which kuya Josh nailed, btw (bullseye on his third arrow) which is pretty impressive for a first try.

on the other hand, fear got hold of me (again, much like my first time firing an M-16) and I ended up with with quivering arms and wasted arrows on the black outer ring.. damn recoil phobia.


I got a feedback regarding the absence of an arrow on the bow I was holding. Just to be clear, yes, I am perfectly aware that letting go of the string without an arrow can cause the utter devastation of this expensive archery gear, but the photo was taken while I was practicing my stance. Okay?

Hershey’s 18th

here’s the second set!

Due to the lighting, most of the shots had an intense magenta tinge, which—owing to my relative lack of photoshop correction skills—I could not repair despite the most tedious efforts. Hence, the instant monochrome fix.

I’m very happy with the last photo, though. It turned out fairly decent
(the editing I mean, the photo itself is wonderful, thanks Gian!)

move on to the last part to see Christiane at his stunning best

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Hershey’s 18th

Remember when I said I attended a debut? Well it’s this one, and I really had a blast with these people hi new friends, hihi. We did a mini-photoshoot at the function hall, bridge, and parking lot, wherein spontaneous themes were hatched up mainly by Gian and Trysh. I’ll be dividing this into several sub-posts (by theme and people, I guess) starting with this.

So, keep posted for the rest!

also: thank you Hershey for inviting me to your party. Cheers to your 18th!

featured: Jana, Marga, Trysh & Gian

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Christiane’s surprise 18th

Like 93% of what I post, this one is too damn overdue. For something that happened last year, it’s high time I share about what happened during the surprise I cooked up for Christiane’s birthday. This literally stressed me for weeks and left a big, gaping hole in my pocket because I wanted it to be perfect, like how I want everything to be (I’m pointing at you, my exasperating inner perfectionist).

I’m just glad it turned out well, except for the fact that most of the photos were damaged beyond repair: too much noise from ISO, ridiculously varied white balance and whatnot. See the camera was passed on from hand to hand and I can only guess what happened to the settings in between, well whatever. The important thing is, I was able to preserve the memory through these. Enjoy!

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Animo Night ‘13

After realizing that there’s absolutely nothing to do inside school—in juxtaposition with the insanely congested Henry grounds (see photo above)—we, the FATs, decided to have dinner at Happipotamus instead. So the Animo Night became more of a Happipotamus night, where Tal drew their house’s facade for my stalking convenience (in all the years of our friendship, I am the only one who had never set a single toe in their residence), talked about brownies and did some catching up. Went back to La Salle and chilled at the amphitheatre afterwards.

P.S. Sorry for the reddish photos which made us look like aliens but who cares, we were never normal in the first place hehe.