Alvea’s selfie diary

Day 1 & 2 – CLA

I figured this post would be more aptly titled as such, since it’s all mostly comprised of Alvea’s SOTJ photos, selfies, and wefies. See this post for the confession of failure and earnest apology. 

The LPEP Diaries: Third run

Day 1 & 2 – COB

I would like to begin with a heartfelt apology

I’m sorry.

I don’t think I’m very good at this documenting thing (there is a reason why I’m the HR, and not the R&D Core, after all), and I have failed to capture meaningful photos these past few days. Also, this is quickly becoming Alvea’s selfie diary instead of The LPEP Diaries. Again, I am sorry.

But to make up for the lack of visuals, I will attempt to narrate the proceedings of this day.

Photo #1 I took a selfie, cos I liked my sariling sikap braid.
Photo #2 I lost my voice and so popped this candy into my mouth, hoping to remedy the “horseness”.
Photo #3 LAmbs as Perico’s staff. The food still wasn’t ready for several blocks, even though it was already WAY past lunchtime, so we decided to help in the preparation of the bento boxes in order to speed up the progress. Thus, the rice team and veggies team were established.
Photo #4 The briefing for Day 2, lo and behold.

Confession Alright, I admit. I failed horribly in documenting the LPEP runs. Consequently, I have to cram all posts with what little collection of photos I have (as of May 20, 2014; 12:40 AM) and suffer an apparent lack of quality and sensible content. I acknowledge that all of this is due to my chronic laziness, of which I am quite certain will one day kick me out into the streets–cold, homeless, and still stubbornly lazy.

P.S. I am itching to fix the color balance of that third photo because the hue of our skin makes us look like we’ve been sunbathing in the beach somewhere for hours instead of scooping rice for the privileged kids of DLSU (but then again, lazy).

Yusei’s Farewell Treat

After residency, I went to HP to meet with sir Kent, Agatha, and Yusei, who will be leaving the country in five days’ time. They played badminton in the afternoon and had finished when I got there, so we all decided to head off to MoA for Yusei’s farewell treat. But then Yusei had to go back to his place (side note that photo of the Manila Bay horizon is taken from his room at Grand Towers) and we passed by this buko vendor who was seriously freakin’ amazing. He was able to serve the coconut meat intact, with its circular form still enclosing the yummy juice and all. Oh, the things foreigners notice. I never would’ve discovered that if it weren’t for Yusei. I guess that’s what one of the things I love most about being with the IS, they show me my own country through a whole different set of eyes; what used to be mundane becomes especially fascinating.

Now, to the Mall of Asia.  

Yummy It was Yusei’s first time to eat at Yellow Cab, owing to yours truly’s suggestion. We all enjoyed the Four Seasons variant, but still #4 Cheese is just The. Best. Ever. Thank you, Yusei for this! 🙂

Fivefingers I know this is so weird and out of place, but see we stopped by Vibram FiveFingers after eating since Yusei really wanted a pair. He handed me this one and I admit, the prospect of wearing it out there was incredulously repulsive for me, but when I got to try it, god did my feet feel so heavenly. It was amazing and comfy and felt like nothing at all, and now I want a pair.. What? This purple one’s trendy. And expensive, if that helps.

Yes, we ate again. Well, they did. Sir Kent told Yusei that the best xiao long bao in the area, possibly even in the whole Philippines, can be found at the Lugang Cafe. As a second opinion, I confirmed this despite never having been able to taste any other xiao long bao aside from the ones in Lugang Cafe (thanks to Jac’s mom), but it was really delicious though. I remember being amazed at how these dumplings were made to contain a delicious soup that bursts in flavor inside your mouth. A basket of 8 costs approximately around Php 245 (est. US $5.5) as far as I remember. If you love Chinese food, I definitely recommend the Lugang Cafe.

The Chill Pill This is what I’d like to call The Secret Place. I’m sorry, I just don’t want a lot of people to start going here since it’s a pretty swell and sparsely occupied location, with a live band and all. Though you might find it with a little help. Google exists for a reason, after all. I took them here so we could chill for a bit before leaving, but ended up playing I’ve never, and going home at quarter to midnight. Sir Kent treated us to the resto’s specialty platter, composed of pizza, chicken, and tomato-based spaghetti.

What an incredibly eventful day, filled with food, laughter, and euphoria. And although I might never say this out loud, we will really miss you Yusei 🙂

The LPEP Diaries: Residency Day 2

I took a lot more photos today, yay! #proudofme and if you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting anything from my beloved 650D[aenerys] because I’ve been reasonably lazy lately, what with the amazing camera of my equally wonderful phone, and the instant gratification offered by VSCO Cam. Well going back to today, we had the banners done and several of the sponsors’ flyers sorted out for the colleges. Alumni, including Kuya Ninoy and Kuya Khail also went by to help. It was a beautiful day overall, especially since it ended with a free pizza, pasta, and chicken dinner at Pizza Hut from my dearest mother.

I do hope residency continues to be this productive and may the LAmbs be ever closer to one another. 🙂

The LPEP Diaries: Residency

Day 1

I realized I wasn’t able to take much photos, except for the morning selfies at Gella’s place (which I’d rather not post, for the sake of self-preservation), so here’s two decent ones instead. Gella had to leave at 7:00AM for her practicum, while Noreen went ahead to the LAmb HQ (that’s headquarters), leaving me and Sarah at the condo to prepare for the residency.

Also, I watched Divergent in the cinemas the second time around. Hooray for Free Movie Weekly! Take note that this means I really, really like the film (and the book series) because I rarely, if at all, watch movies a second time (and read young adult novels), period | Veronica Roth, you should be flattered.

The LPEP Diaries: Core 2K14

Pre-residency overnight meeting

Dinner was held at the Exile on Main St., a resto along Taft that’s named after a Rolling Stones album. I don’t think a lot of people know this place since it’s somewhat hidden, but it’s a great location to chill out with friends. They serve a few drinks, but no cocktails. If you happen to pass by, check out the upside-down table adornment, complete with all the appurtenances of casual dining. The food is also good, but I’ve only ever eaten one dish, the name of which I had forgotten. Their iced tea tasted great, though – a home-blend of actual tea leaves and calamansi. Some of the LPEP agenda was discussed at the Exile before we went to Gella’s condo in One Archer’s Place and proceeded with our meeting (with lots of sharing in between, as usual) and the mandatory photo session. Behold:

It was the night we decided on the LPEP Committee Heads, a very important factor in the success of the LPEP (and the future set of core). Nobody else gets to know this before LPEP comes, so #abangan. #eyebagpls