2014: Cinemalaya X


It has begun.

Although to be shamefully honest, I have never seen any of the Cinemalaya films thus far, despite wanting to ever since. I’m a jeep ride away from CCP, yet I never took the effort to buy myself a ticket for a very minimal price of 75 pesos, at a discounted student rate (50% off).

Until today, that is.

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Beyond Legal: My 19th Birthday

Cheers to my last teen year!

While Taylor Swift was too busy flaunting her moves to the songs she performed at the MoA Arena last June 6, here I was with my own shimmering spotlight—the star of my favorite people’s birthday surprise. 

I was all too unsuspecting, no giveaway of any sort was felt all throughout the planning, so kudos to everyone for that. I’m usually keen on smelling a surprise before it happens. But this time, I was positively unaware that something was going on. Imagine my confusion when I saw Mikee waiting for me near the main entrance of the Mall of Asia, holding a rolled-up brown paper in a fancy cylindrical container. Then and there, I knew where it came from. Who else would use that Papemelroti recycled brown paper and make it look so pretty, it could’ve been a debut invitation? Anyone, I guess. But for a surprise, it’s definitely Christiane. Honest to goodness, I have no idea where that guy milks his creative juices from. (WARNING: Long post ahead)


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featuring: Harvey Specter and… Jessica Pearson ??

because I really, really like Jessica Pearson. like, really. and I wouldn’t wanna be anyone else in the series but her (though if we’re talking couples here, I could settle for Scottie)

well anyway, here’s the last of the photosets for Hershey’s 18th and can I just say how incredibly mesmerized I was while capturing & posting this ‘cos Christiane looks too damn ravishing. It’s been three years and I’m still that into this piece of heavenly perfection. That’s love, I guess.

thanks Trysh for the photos where I’m included! 🙂

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Hershey’s 18th

Remember when I said I attended a debut? Well it’s this one, and I really had a blast with these people hi new friends, hihi. We did a mini-photoshoot at the function hall, bridge, and parking lot, wherein spontaneous themes were hatched up mainly by Gian and Trysh. I’ll be dividing this into several sub-posts (by theme and people, I guess) starting with this.

So, keep posted for the rest!

also: thank you Hershey for inviting me to your party. Cheers to your 18th!

featured: Jana, Marga, Trysh & Gian

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