Day 45

me and my men

forever tambay at the IC with [upper right—lower left] Anthony, Agatha, sir Kent, and DC

Also thesis, dentist, and katsudon dinner by the master chef, Christiane.

Day 44

Chicken Stroganoff dinner by my Brazilian friends, Jessica & Thiago

scrumptiously enjoyed with exchange students: Yusei from Japan, Paulus & Petri from Finland. Thanks, you guys!

Day 43

Got my gold / champagne iPhone 5S tonight! I’ve been waiting for practically the entire day for this to arrive at my doorstep.

I shall write a proper farewell dedicated to my less-than-a-year-old but sadly outdated S4 soon.

Thank you, dad!

Day 38

for only 200 pesos!! (est $4.42)

We waited several minutes to get seated, which obviously says a lot about the plethora of people who were hungry for carbs, but then it was absolutely worth every single peso.

I’m not sure if this is complete (probably not), but here’s what I remember from the choices:


Alfredo | Pesto | Vietnamese | Pomodoro


Three cheese | Pepperoni | Hawaiian | White

oh. and yes, you get to try everything. 

Day 37


The Badass Angels got to interview the Dr. Rogel Mari D. Sese, one of the only three astrophysicists in the entire Philippines,thanks to Dr. Benjamin San Jose, the awesome thesis mentor to our equally awesome thesis group.

I know, I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo.

[except for le cab selfie we took while BSJ rode shotgun]

Forever will this day haunt me for failing to preserve the glorious memory.