Quotidian Stills: Rush hour city up top

Slept over with Marie, Pat, Jean, Nela, and Brylleh at the spick and span condo unit of Nela’s Uncle at Knightsbridge Residences in Makati. The facilities were amazing, particularly the pool and recreational areas, where you get to chill at the movie lounge, have a video game session with your friends (inclusive of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, mind you), or even have round of pool at the billiards room. Plenty of other places to hang out in, but all in due time. Thanks ladies, see you again soon! xoxo


Graduation 2014 at PICC – 10/11/14

Goodies from China!

They have arrived, hooray!

I’ve been waiting for these babies to arrive since a month ago and thank goodness, they have finally reached my eager hands. I purchased them online last 16 Aug 2014, and after exactly 30 days, I revelled in excitement as I tore the tape off the box and inspected each item like they were worth their weight in gold, which they definitely weren’t.

You’ll see in a while. (See photos and 721 more words)

I am in a state
of pure happiness
and gratitude.

This weekend has been going really great for me so far, starting with the awesome fitness-themed #creativefridays we had at the office. There were games and a Just Dance session, which I quite frankly enjoyed, despite the level of shame I had to part with.

I have to say, I’m loving my stay as an intern in the company so far, and it just so happened that it brought me to a whole new level of life. Continue reading