Quotidian Stills: Bus ride to Trece

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This week in words: irrelevant points

I have been gorging on “natural” cough syrups, over the counter decongestants, and mucolytic capsules (free from the office) these past 4 days and yet my inflamed throat seems to rage all the more in protest against my curative attempts to escape from this revolting and embarrassing condition.

In point of fact: I feel like dying.

Well no, not really. But I have been a victim of this exasperating illness for more than half a week now and there’s only so much I can do to make myself feel better. I fucking hate this fucking cold with the sore and itchy throat that fucking comes from post-nasal drip. In other news, I love how you can insert fucking in between nearly every other fucking word. Goodness. This discomfort is rotting away my sanity and sense of lingual propriety.

But fuck it.

Well, it’s been a while since I posted some life updates, so here’s one (five, actually) just in case I’d like to remember how much I wanted to rip my throat bloody on the 4th day of October in 2014.

"You read Lolita sprawling limply in your chair, ravished, overcome, nodding scandalized assent!" - Martin Amis, Observer
“You read Lolita sprawling limply in your chair, ravished, overcome, nodding scandalized assent!”

1) I’m nearly done with Lolita, which took quite longer than I had expected. It’s a beautiful—if debatably inappropriate and scandalous—novel about an aged Humbert Humbert and his incestuous relationship with his prepubescent stepdaughter, Dolores Haze. By the time I’m halfway into the storyline, I had to pause and examine my own parameters of morality because I had fallen in sympathy with the horrid Humbert Humbert. This, I put all blame on the author’s remarkable use of language to twist and transfigure a supposedly indecent and repulsive inclination to a conceivable and almost acceptable state of affairs. I would have to stop myself at this point because I’m om the verge of writing a full review, which categorically deserves a separate post (most likely on goodreads). Read: 329 more words

The Gang meets Once Upon A Time

Aside from the fact that the show’s gripping narrative got me voraciously Hooked (who wouldn’t be?), the striking verisimilitude of the characters never ceases to amaze me. Obviously, I don’t refer to their fairytale persona, but how the series manages to reflect the complexity of an actual human being. Think of it as a fairytale for adults, where postmodern issues are incorporated into its theme of debunking, or rather, reevaluating the highly schematic notions of the stories in our past. Gone are the days of plain old good vs evil. Because in real life, characters are never black and white. They have all those 50 shades of grey areas in between and more.

Thus inspired by this daily prompt, here’s how Once Upon A Time would look like if the cast were people in my unfairytale-y life (i.e. my college buddies, the Espionage Gang). But here’s the twist: I’m turning it the other way around. Meaning, instead of making the characters seem more real – the series is already doing that – I’m casting these people in roles I’d like to see them play. They don’t necessarily have to fit the characters’ personas, but I would very much enjoy watching them try.

See the cast here

How do I let go of anger?

I wake up each morning with a solemn vow – to be happy, positive, and kind throughout the day. But like everything else, it is much easier said than done. I’d like to say I don’t understand why I have so much rage and resentment inside me, but I do. Oh but I do understand exactly why. I won’t admit it. Not to you, nor to others. Only to the inner recesses of my terrible and angry mind do I confess the extent of the darkness in my heart. (Continue: 359 more words)

Goodies from China!

They have arrived, hooray!

I’ve been waiting for these babies to arrive since a month ago and thank goodness, they have finally reached my eager hands. I purchased them online last 16 Aug 2014, and after exactly 30 days, I revelled in excitement as I tore the tape off the box and inspected each item like they were worth their weight in gold, which they definitely weren’t.

You’ll see in a while. (See photos and 721 more words)


Q: Hi Alvea! I happen to stumble upon your blog (the wordpress one) can u tell me what camera are u using + the apps u use to edit them. They look gorg! hehe

A: Hi there!
My trusty pal is a Canon 650D I call Daenerys (don’t judge) and I use either Lightroom / Photoshop to edit her photos. When I’m feeling a little lazy, though, I use my mobile phone and tweak the tone and colors using VSCO 🙂

Also, thank you!

This week in words: a catharsis of sorts



There is infinite evil and wickedness inside me. I can feel it, crushing my rotten heart, corrupting what has already been beyond decay. Jaded by the ways of this cruel world, my eyes have been opened to the underside, the dark stench of the injustice of existence. They say life is unfair to everyone. But what they don’t tell you is that life is especially unfair to others, immensely more than some lucky ones, who are apparently more favored by fortune. Life is unfair that way, despite the premise of fairness in the presence of difficulty in everybody’s lives. Allow me to alter a popular contemporary quote:

Some adversities are bigger than other adversities.

(Continue: 565 more words)