Pastel love – 10/8/14

Had a spontaneous photoshoot with my ladies, Mikie and Jam, after the recognition rites. Incidentally, Anthony happened to pass by, so we asked him to be our photographer. Settings and editing were done by me, but the photos were taken by Anthony. Hooray for pastel colors and good lighting!  See: 25 more photos

Dauntless Erudition: a post-thesis celebration

We’re finally done with thesis!

*fireworks here, fireworks there* 

So me and my Partner in Cram[ming] decided to celebrate by going on an adventure (which never happened, because we ended up in Glorietta despite the agreement on going to “somewhere we’ve never been”). Well anyhow, our first stop was the EGG (exciting gifts + goodies) outlet in Makati ‘cos I badly needed a new wristlet and by my tremendous luck, they were on sale. I got a pretty floral pouch with a blue synthetic leather back (see below) to replace my old, tattered one for Php 125 instead of 180. And since this day was a glorious commemoration of finishing our thesis, we got ourselves some dainty arm candy that cost Php 100-150 each.

Next stop was Bershka, where Mikie and I decided to try on a few outfits and of course, take some mandatory dressing room mirror selfies. They had the prettiest skirts and dresses, but even the XS size was a tad too big for me, to my utter frustration and disappointment. Why my body is frozen in its pre-pubescent glory, I’d rather not know. Below are the two outfits I tried – a red dress with tiny, anchor-print patterns (est. Php 1275) and a floral one that’s perfect for my practicum next sem, but is unfortunately too expensive (est. Php 2100) and too loose for my liking. The third photo was my outfit for the day, composed of a cardigan I got from G.U. Japan, black thrift store camisole, shorts from Lee, and platform shoes from Aeropostale.

Mikie tried on a sweater and a denim skater skirt that she really liked, but cost around Php 1500 (you can get a similar one from Cotton On at half the price). Also, here’s a closer look of what I’d like to call my Dauntless-Erudite getup (because I still haven’t gotten over Divergent).

Thanks to Bershka for letting the partners in cram(ming) try on clothes without actually buying anything! #shameless But if things go well and according to plan, we might start going regularly on a shopping spree soon *wink wink*

’til then!

it’s that time again

pools, beaches, and bikinis

and the heat, the freaking heat (which is like, the only uncool thing about summer, literally)

My dress is from Cotton On, and if you’ve been hanging around my blog for quite some time, then you’ve probably seen it before.

Got the belt from Genevieve Gozum, and finally, the thrift store sandals.

Day 36

We are such vain & awesomely fabulous people. 

and we make the most out of every location (by having spontaneous photoshoots wherever) amidst the pressure of thesis and the heat. Such an eventful day—trip to Taguig for an interview with DOST officials, gourmet merienda at the Lugang Cafe [plus Lays & drinks in the car: a big, special thank you to Jac’s wonderfully generous mother], and a mini-despedida for Franz, which will be in a separate post.

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Day 34

My Korean friend, Mi Jin (Jane) and several of her housemates held a garage sale in preparation for her flight back to her home country. And since it is known for a fact that Korean clothes and trinkets are some of the cutest ever, I went there with Jam & Giz after the Philope talk (which I almost didn’t attend, lazy me).

We got lost at first, because apparently, that taxi driver didn’t really know the way (or maybe there was just a miscommunication, but whatever) and dropped us off at a different park. Despite the horrible case of dysmenorrhea I was having, I was still able to pull out my nifty pal and take a few photos here and there. But then I did forget to take photos of us, so that snapshot of our feet would have to do for now.

Eventually, we reached Mi Jin’s place, looked around, and took our pick of the lot. Jam got herself a cardigan and a shirt, while Gizelle bought a yellow blouse adorned with geometric shapes and a vest. At first, I was decided on buying a 3-piece swimsuit, floral dress, formal blouse, and a see-through cardigan. But my eyes came across a Cluedo gameboard in mint condition, barely used and priced at less than half the original. Very tempting.

I vacillated between sacrificing a few items of clothing or letting the Cluedo go—and trust me it wasn’t an easy choice—but in the end, I went home with a beaming face and a big, rectangular box (plus the swimsuit and the dress, thank goodness).

Also, here’s a candid portrait of Gizelle while we were waiting for Jam to get back with news on where we’re supposed to go.

’til next time!

Day 32

Hooray for skirt day!

Meet Jam and Cindy, my OOTD buddies for the day. Also, I ask pardon for our awkward poses; we haven’t the faintest idea how to pose for a decent photo. Except maybe Jam, the pretty one on the left, who happens to have modelling experience. Just so you know, she modelled for Camille Co last year. And if you happen to be interested, she’ll be starting her own fashion blog sometime soon. It’ll be hella awesome, so better look out for it okay?

P.S. Each were taken with a different phone (and edited using VSCO): iPhone 5, Samsung S4, and Sone Xperia Z, respectively.

/ thanks Hance for these photos! /