I see you’ve stumbled upon this unusual corner of the web.

In any case,
Welcome to the personal blog of Alvea Sikat!

Like that red-haired, fish-tailed Disney character’s cove of treasures, you’ll find all sorts of things here, from thingamabobs to whozzits and whatzzits galore. They won’t always make sense, but feel free to look around.

I consider this my life journal, since I’ve been working on making this a place where I keep a record of my life, photos, updates, and all. It’s also a reminder of my dream, my glorious dream to travel the world. I like to believe that one day, I will become great and famous, so much that people will remember my name and my legacy.

Until then, I’m just the awesome Alvea. For now, at least.

I’ve posted photos, words, and traces of my existence here, and while it may not be of utmost importance to most (for now), I hope you find a hint of inspiration and happiness in between the few, gritty self-expressive catharsis I’ve written because after all, this is a reflection of my complex, imperfect life.

Everything else is pretty much self-explanatory.

once, I did a 20-day challenge and finished it
see my growing tea compendium here

some background:

Student (no more)
from De La Salle University – Manila, graduating this October 2014,
with a degree in International Studies major in Japanese Studies (国債学部日本学科)
from Malate Catholic School (graduated year 2011)

Jack of all trades
master of none, which is why this blog is a hotchpotch of anything and everything I find interesting.

➤ I like to answer your questions: tips on love, life, and other trifles.
➤ answers to previous queries



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