Goodies from China!

They have arrived, hooray!

I’ve been waiting for these babies to arrive since a month ago and thank goodness, they have finally reached my eager hands. I purchased them online last 16 Aug 2014, and after exactly 30 days, I revelled in excitement as I tore the tape off the box and inspected each item like they were worth their weight in gold, which they definitely weren’t.

You’ll see in a while.

The package didn’t arrive on my doorstep, though. I had to claim it from the Philippine Post Office at Pasay City, but since they were closed on weekends and incidentally, I didn’t go to work today (because I thought it would rain like hell, but it didn’t.. I’m sorry), I decided to head over and go grab my long-awaited parcel.

It took 22 jeeps (yep, I counted) and 14 minutes before the Pinagbarilan one came by, which isn’t surprising, really. This would be my fourth time to claim something from PhilPost and by now, I am well aware that there isn’t a lot of them in transit. What got me surprised was that the customs fee had been raised from 50 to 100 Pesos. That’s a hundred percent increase. I smell corruption along those lines, but I won’t pry, at least not right now because I’m in a spirit of laziness and today’s trip already got me exhausted. So instead, I’ll show you what’s inside my goodie box:

Macbook Pro 13″ case in frosted gold
I love gold! The color, I mean. Its frosted matte texture is pleasant to the touch and the case generally protects the laptop well. It covers the entire top and bottom blocks (no hole for the Apple logo, just how I like it) and is semi-translucent enough to show the lit-up logo of the Macbook. I knew I should’ve bought a keyboard protector to go with this, but I’m still happy with my white one, so I guess it’s okay. Value for money: 5/5

Phone cases:
Transparent plastic with TPU frame for 5S – I’ve ordered one of these before and I loved it, but it gets easily scratched.
Horse Texture TPU case for Galaxy S4 – Not quite as expected, though it was pretty okay. Protects all sides.
Brushed Metal TPU case for 5S – The bottom part is exposed in the center, but the edges are all covered. (Plus, it’s gold)
Value for money: 4/5 (because they were all priced under $2!!)

Universal external flash diffusor
I’m still trying to figure out how to make my speedlite work for me (newbie alert), and I figured that the first thing to do was to get a diffusor. I tried it this afternoon, but I still had no idea what I was doing. In short, I only got frustrated and so decided to keep the speedlite for future practice and use. The diffusor was passable, though – being adjustable and of good quality material and all. Value for money 4/5

 Pop-up flash diffusor
This one is meant to be attached to the stock flash of a DSLR. I had high hopes for this, but unfortunately, it didn’t quite fit my camera well. The prongs of the diffusor pushes the pop up flash downwards if you hook it all the way through the hot shoe. This means the flash won’t work at all, unless you hook the diffusor only a quarter through, which also means that it would be attached precariously on top of your camera. Well, as long as it works. Value for money 3/5

USB 3.0 cable
It’s not visible in the photo, but this is similar to the cable wire of the Galaxy Note 3. I need this for my external hard drive, because the SuperSpeed isn’t working anymore (!!) when I plug it to a USB 3.0-capable port. Hopefully, it goes back to its original speed when I try it out tonight. I have to transfer hundreds of gigabytes of movies and the thought of having to endure the speed of a regular USB 2.0 transfer rate kills me. Value for money 5/5 (if it works)


In total, I spent only 28.92 USD (1,311.89 Php) for all these, including shipping. But then, there’s the customs fee (100 Php) and my transpo budget (17 Php), plus the soda I bought on the way back (9 Php), summing up to a grand total of 1437.89 Php (roughly around 33.16 USD)! Theoretically, I should’ve spent at least:

900 for the MBP case
450 for the 3 phone cases
150 for the ext flash diffusor
100 for the pop-up flash diffusor
100 for the cable
TOTAL: 1700 Php

I saved around 262.11 Php. Some may think it isn’t worth it, but it definitely beats having to go to a place like Greenhills and trying to bargain for all these, not to mention the amount of walking needed to find exactly what I want. Also, I am perfectly happy and in love with my new MBP case! And my gold phone cases. And pretty much everything else. 🙂

’til my next online shopping experience!

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