I am in a state
of pure happiness
and gratitude.

This weekend has been going really great for me so far, starting with the awesome fitness-themed #creativefridays we had at the office. There were games and a Just Dance session, which I quite frankly enjoyed, despite the level of shame I had to part with.

I have to say, I’m loving my stay as an intern in the company so far, and it just so happened that it brought me to a whole new level of life. I was surprised to find out that I’ve actually received my first-ever salary / allowance, just in time for my Cinemalaya date with Christiane. It was spent on an Army Navy dinner at Harbor Square, after the film showing of 1st ko si 3rd at the CCP theater.

Now I know I’ve always dreamed of a guy who’ll give me everything I want (who hasn’t?), but I have to admit, it’s pretty empowering to be able to treat your partner to dinner. Screw socially-constructed gender roles; I’ll be working for 2 years before Christiane even gets to graduate and I’ve begun to acknowledge that it doesn’t really matter. Well it used to bother me, but then again, when did I ever conform to anything deemed normal in life.

Hey, that’s one headstrong woman over here.

Fast forward to Saturday, and this time, it’s a Cinemalaya date with my gorgeous girlfriends—Jam, Giz, and Mikie. We watched #Y, which was categorically based on the typical postmodern teenager. It was a slap in the face, like the film was foisting a picture of your own existence right in front of your eyes. I mean, let’s all be honest here. We’ve seen it happen, like an underground life of debauchery amidst the daylight conformity to propriety. Achievers and loafers alike have that kind of story to tell. Some say it wasn’t Cinemalaya-worthy; I say the kids will cringe to see a shadow of their own faces on the screen.

Since Jam and Giz had to go home right after, Mikie and I went to Harbor Square to find a place to eat. We settled for Starbucks because we weren’t really that hungry and I got us a Ratatouille and a drink. That was the second thing I spent my work allowance on, so Mikie, you should feel extremely honored. Like, really. Seriously.

The third was the most important. I treated my whole family to a pizza dinner, complete with mojos and carbonated drinks. Fatty, but sinfully fulfilling. Although it wasn’t anything grand, it meant a lot to me. It was a step forward, a small welcome to real world. Because no matter how reluctant I am, I know that soon enough I’ll have to tread that path without a dint of hesitation.


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