The Friday Gang goes to Ilocos

As one of the historic sites in Ilocos, the Paoay Church has withstood countless earthquakes thanks to its prominent buttresses, massively supporting the entire structure on both sides of the church. The baroque architecture is notably beautiful, and despite my lack of particulars in aesthetic recognition, I found the stained glass detail in the inner part of the entrance quite exquisite, and the fact that you can only see it from the inside (plus,I found a hidden mickey!) I won’t post the picture here so you’d see it for yourself. Also, you can make a wish if it’s your first time to visit.

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drown my senses in your scent
the pleasant fragrance of your 
moist skin

leave me in a frenzy of desire
over the touch of your wet lips 
against mine 

let me taste the sweetness of your tongue
as your hot, damp breath condenses 
upon my cheek, my body
and into my soul.

RR: Scattered thoughts

At times like this, I feel like my thoughts are speeding automobiles running on a wild racetrack, while my logical processes are the photographers trying to frame a good shot. My mind thinks too many thoughts at a time; my consciousness can only capture so much. And at the finish line, many are blurred, lost, forgotten.

Losing Quinn: The 5 Stages of Grief

Grief is a painful process. It seeks an outlet, rummages through the meat and blood of your bones, pierces your skin and organs to find a way out into the cruel, open world. It’s also different for everyone; some go through the entire process, while others may get stuck in one stage far too longer than the others. The why’s and how’s of grief ranges from a scale of highly superficial to excruciatingly deep. Regardless of which, it is almost always associated with pain and loss: the loss of something valuable, or the loss of someone dearly precious.

Right now, I’m in the third stage, transitioning to the fourth.

And while my thrust is somewhere between highly superficial and acceptable, going through the stages of grief is integral to moving forward. You see, prior to this unfortunate event, I’ve always thought of the difficulty and implausibility of losing one of my most important material possessions. Read: 594 more words

Quotidian Stills: Rush hour city up top

Slept over with Marie, Pat, Jean, Nela, and Brylleh at the spick and span condo unit of Nela’s Uncle at Knightsbridge Residences in Makati. The facilities were amazing, particularly the pool and recreational areas, where you get to chill at the movie lounge, have a video game session with your friends (inclusive of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, mind you), or even have round of pool at the billiards room. Plenty of other places to hang out in, but all in due time. Thanks ladies, see you again soon! xoxo